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Chakra Series Mini-Retreats recap and coming up!

Join us on a journey through the 12 chakras, starting from the root and reaching the divine gateway in 2024. Our mini-retreats will happen monthly on a Sunday from 12-3pm. This blog will cover a recap on the first 2 month's wellness retreats and give a sneak peek at what's coming up in the next few months!

Discover wellness support, compassionate community, and self-care tools. Enjoy talks by Austin TX local practitioners covering alternative health, herbalism, acupuncture, acupressure, and more!

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What do the 3-hour mini retreats consist of?

We follow a loose flow which may change depending on our guest features. We greet you with a specialty tea blend made specifically for the Austin Salt Room Chakra Series by our neighbors at The Herb Bar.

Welcome and special guest: We will enjoy and hear about our tea feature, introductions, etc while we get settled in our guest speaker portion. Our special guests will be local practitioners who resonate and the goal of their talk is for the guests to better understand the crafts of their practice and you will learn how to integrate these practices into your everyday life and at-home self care toolbox.

Movement and Sound healing: Morgan Ashley will lead the group through a mindful spine warm-up accompanied by live signing bowls, chimes, and chakra tones. Peak poses will be related to the essence of the chakra of the month. Ending with a long savasana sound bath administered by Meg Blohm and her instruments.


Enjoy a cup of our specially crafted root chakra blend provided by local apothecary, the herb bar


tarot, oracle, and birth chart readings available & included


incorporate herbs you’ve learned about in the workshop to create your own salt soak to bring home.


We're teaming up with THE Danielle Martinez of D | M acupuncture + wellness for our guest speaker in March's Solar Plexus Chakra Mini-Retreat. We will explore the correlation between gut health and the solar plexus chakra, ways to heal our energetic bodies through acupuncture, acupressure, ear seeding, and more! Our salt therapy room portion of the retreat will be centered around balancing the solar plexus chakra by intentional movement and sound led by Morgan Ashley and Meg Blohm.


For our Root Chakra Mini-Retreat we welcomed herbalist, Megen Mundy, the owner of the Herb Bar. She walked us through a few grounding exercises she uses in her daily life: making tea and drawing a bath. As our craft of the retreat we prepared a foot soak/bath bomb with herbs and Salt Room salt. We did a grounding spine warm up and participated in a sound bath featuring root chakra frequency tones. At the end of the retreat we indulged in gluten free, nuts free and seed oil free pastries from Nourished ATX, played around with oracle and tarot, got birth chart readings from Meg, and connected with one another for the cups, cards, and crafts integration period at the conclusion of the retreat!


For our Sacral Chakra Mini-Retreat we welcomed local birth doula and menstrual coach Jules Alma, who led us through a holistic pelvic care workshop where you will learn about alternative and ancestral methods for caring for your pelvic organs. This workshop included journaling prompts, partnered exercises, and loads of resources to support you in feeling empowered about your ability to love and care for your body. We were given journal prompts and had an open discussion between the guests regarding our menarch, understanding our cycle seasons, and much more including tips, tricks, and recommendations. As our craft of the retreat we prepared personalized yoni steam blends with herbs and Salt Room salt. For movement and sound portion we did a grounding spine warm up and participated in a sound bath featuring chimes and sacral chakra frequency tones.

If you are interested in learning more about holistic pelvic care and menstrual coaching, here is a link to book a consultation with Jules:

Other ways to get involved:

Chakra Series Yoga

If you are interested in building a deeper physical connection with the chakra of the month, look no further. Morgan Ashley will be hosting monthly Chakra Yoga where we will completely warm up and flow into asanas and poses that are directly correlated with the Chakra at hand. This month (March 2024) we will be featuring chakra yoga TWICE, on Sunday March 3rd at 9 AM and Sunday March 24th at 9 AM.

Click here to book chakra yoga!

Chakra Series Tea Blends

We've partnered with The Herb Bar for a year's worth of specialty tea blends, featuring a new blend each month to target the chakra of the month!

This month's Solar Plexus blend is called Solar Power

Chamomile, calendula, lemongrass, and ginger

Sacral Chakra Blend: Sacral Flow

Damiana, Peppermint, Blue lotus, hibiscus, and shatavari

Root Chakra Blend: Ground and Center

Ginger root, burdock root, astragalus, cinnamon for flavor and warmth, and dandelion root.

All chakra series teas are available for sampling at the Austin Salt Room and the Herb Bar.

Salt Therapy Benefits

Have you realized that salt is a calming and purifying, cleansing crystal by now?? The benefits of the salt therapy are included in this mini-retreat. Benefits range from calming skin redness and irritation, boosting immune system, strengthening the respiratory tract, and more! Check out our instagram (@austinsaltroom) or website for more info on the many benefits of salt therapy.

Booking Options

Book here for individual retreats or purchase a Chakra Series Package for access to more Austin Salt Room events at a discounted price!

Single session: $90, Chakra Series Package: $200 - includes one chakra mini-retreat and 2 yoga sessions or meditations of your choice!

Business Details

We are located on 2215 S 1st St Austin, TX 78704 (just between Oltorf and Live Oak). There is parking available in the back and the entire space is ADA compliant and accessible for ALL.

We are open Thursday-Monday from 10 AM-6PM and sessions start at the top of the hour.

Book online at or call for walk-in availability, bookings, private sessions, and any other questions you might have 512-764-9309

Stay Salty,

Austin Salt Room

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