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What Did I Miss? Teacher Feature

Welcome to our latest blog post, "What Did I Miss?" where we recap some of the standout content from our rockstar email series. Last week, we featured an inspiring interview with Mae Deevy, our Hypnosis Meditation and Sound Bath practitioner at the Austin Salt Room. Mae shared her journey into sound healing and hypnotherapy, offering deep insights into her practice.

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Have you ever seen a post or email where we mention an event led by Mae Deevy and wondered who she is and why she is so special and integral to the Austin Salt Room calendar?


We had the pleasure of interviewing Mae as this month's Teacher Feature!

Interviewing Mae 

Q: Who are you?


A: I'm Mae Deevy, my friends and family call me MaeMae. I do sound healing and hypnosis events in Austin, including but not limited to at the Austin Salt Room.


Q: What drew you to these practices?


A: Growing up, I started singing at a very early age. Music is a thread that has woven its way through every chapter of my life. I got my B.A. in Music: Vocal Performance but soon found myself in a corporate job. As a result of the stress from that work, I looked to more holistic practices, which eventually led me to try hypnosis. After a profound personal experience, I decided to study hypnotherapy and began to take on personal clients. After working in the wellness space for years, the gift of song called me back, and I began to integrate my learnings from guiding hypnosis experiences into song, offering intuitively-led sound healing events.


Q: How do you prepare for a sound bath session? Any personal rituals?


A: Before any event or experience, I connect with myself through breath. I also enjoy using cleansing tools like Palo Santo and Sage to ground and step into the present moment, all while calling in “all that is for the highest and greatest good.”


Q: What are some common misconceptions people may have about salt & sound therapy or hypnosis for your highest self? 


A: I am very well aware that hypnosis and sound healing may be new to many people… and that’s ok! We can do our best to describe the experiences but the truth is: words can often fall flat in attempts to describe a felt experience. So I encourage people to lean into their curiosities. If you are curious of being guided through a hypnosis or sound healing experience, allow yourself to say yes!


Q: What are some benefits from sound bath and hypnosis meditation that you’ve personally experienced? 


A: We think our minds know it all but the truth is: our bodies do. And our bodies need rest and relaxation to restore the nervous system back to a calmer state. There is only one true ingredient to achieving these things which is TIME. To speak from personal experience, in my most stressed out states, the last thing I wanted to do was slow down and do something "time consuming." However, we are the only ones who can ever give ourselves the necessary gift of restoration. The more we rest, the better we feel. And the better we feel, the more we can create a life of alignment. Full stop. 

Q: What inspires you in your practice? 


A: I am inspired by people who SHOW UP for themselves. I am inspired by the fact that I can genuinely make a positive impact on people's lives. Sometimes we forget that we can do that!!! And this work allows me to step into a helpful supportive place regularly. What a gift! 


 So, where else in Austin may we find you — what’s on your schedule this summer? 


A: This summer you can find me weekly at Third Eye Meditation Lounge offering hypnosis and monthly at Austin Salt Room with my signature Hypnosis for your Highest Self offering as well as "Salt & Sound" sound bath.


Austin Salt Room

2215 S 1st St Austin, TX 78704 | 512-764-9309 | open thursday-monday 10a-6p | book online

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