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Each month of 2024 we are highlighting one of the 12 chakras, starting with the root and ending with the divine gateway.


wellness support

compassionate community

equip guests with new tools and

knowledge about chakras & self care

special guest speakers

atx local practitioners

explore different spheres of health and wellness

eg.  alternative health, herbalism, acupuncture and acupressure

Monthly Chakra Mini-Retreats


tune in and nourishment

guest speaker/workshop

movement, sound, and salt

cups, cards, and crafts


root chakra guest speaker

The Herb Bar owner and herbalist Megen Mundy!


what to bring:

your favorite mug,

a journal for notes and reflections, white socks


Morgan Ashley will lead the group through a mindful spine warm-up accompanied by live signing bowls, drums, and root chakra tones. Peak poses will be related to the essence of the chakra of the month. Ending with a long savasana sound bath administered by Meg Blohm and her instruments.

Also offering an hour-long chakra yoga class once a month. see calendar for more details.

Sound Bowls-2.jpg




A dedicated time to reflect and experience what you’ve learned. Bring your favorite mug and journal to the retreat for reflection...

cups cards and crafts Austin salt room.png


Enjoy a cup of our specially crafted  chakra blend provided by local apothecary, the herb bar



tarot, oracle, and birth chart readings



incorporate what you’ve learned about in the guest speaker workshop and create

eg. your own salt soak to bring home


January 28 - root

February 18 - sacral

March 10 - solar plexus

April 21 - heart

May 19 - throat

June 16 - third eye

July 21 - crown

August 25 - earth star

September 29 - soul star

October 13 - stellar gateway

November 10 - universal gateway

December 8 - divine gateway

sacral guest.png
about sacral .png

DO THESE TIMES WORK FOR YOU? please fill out our feedback form with times and days that work best for your schedule. Our priority is to cater to our community's needs by offering extracurricular salt therapy sessions at the most suitable times for our valued guests. Your input is invaluable in ensuring we create the ideal schedule that accommodates everyone.

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