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Yoga Practicioners



500 RYT

Callen is a devoted yoga teacher based right here in Austin, TX. Callen considers her practice to be a cautious, well-researched, approach to self-care that is unique to her. Her teachings incorporate a fusion of breathing and meditation techniques, contemporary mobility practices, and traditional yoga asana. 


Whether you are a seasoned yogi seeking to hone a particular skill or are just beginning to explore the yoga asana practice, her classes are designed to offer mindful movements and insight into how we can prepare the body for life long mobility, specialized postures, or both! 


200 RYT

Amanda embarked on the teaching  journey to delve deeper into the world of yoga beyond the physical postures. In 2015, Amanda obtained a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification in Toronto, Canada and later a 30-hour specialization in Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga resonates with Amanda the most, as it offers a sanctuary of stillness in our fast-paced lives. Amanda believes that slowing down and attuning to the body fosters balance and harmony. 

Amanda takes pride in teaching a Yin Yoga class that welcomes everyone, regardless of their prior yoga experience. Amanda firmly believes that time on the mat serves as a practice for all facets of life.

Beyond Amanda’s yoga practice, she is also an advanced EFT/Tapping Practitioner and operates an HR Consulting Business. Join Amanda on the mat to explore the art of stillness, mindfulness, and balance, nurturing both body and soul.

Davidson, Katie headshot.jpg


200 RYT

Katie completed a 200-hour teacher training from The Yoga Connection in Tucson, AZ. Katie specializes in Hatha, Vinyasa, Gentle, and Restorative yoga styles. Katie combines her devotion to movement, meditation, poetry, and sacred texts to create a welcoming space open to all practitioners. Katie reveres her personal practice as a form of ritual, connection, expression, and play. off of the mat, you can find Katie seeing live music, swimming, paddle boarding, hiking, and playing with her border terrier.

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