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Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of salt therapy and yoga for a truly uplifting experience! By combining the soothing salt-infused air with invigorating yoga poses, you'll deepen your breath, relax your mind, and strengthen your body all at once. Feel the harmonious synergy as these practices work together to enhance your respiratory health, boost flexibility, and promote a blissful sense of well-being. Unleash the power of this dynamic duo and embark on a journey of rejuvenation and inner peace.

Salty Yoga

All Yoga Classes include Salt Therapy!

Yoga Classes

Friday Feels

Each week, we’ll give ourselves permission to gently mobilize stress, move it out of the body through various yoga and somatic tools — always including breath & play — then rest our nervous systems while receiving the benefits of halotherapy in the salt room. Simply show up with openness, curiosity & a willingness to

Keep Austin Weird

Therapeutic Yoga

These classes may involve breath work (pranayama), somatic exercises, gentle functional movement, chanting or singing, mantra or affirmation, meditation or mindfulness, yoga philosophy, subtle anatomy, mudra, tapping, play and laughter, all in an effort to help us move back from a state of Human Doings to Human Beings.

led by Melissa Massello

500 RYT & yoga therapy intern

weekly Fridays at 5:30pm

Salty Slow Flow

A restful and rejuvenating class that incorporates breathing, asana, meditation and mindfulness, This class will include sun salutations and a set flow that will lengthen and strengthen the body. This class will leave you calm in the body and mind. Great for beginners and intermediate yoga practitioner alike.

led by Katie Davidson | 200 RYT

weekly Sundays at 9 AM

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Meg Blohm _ Austin Salt Room-64.jpg


A Sound Bath is like a massage for your soul. Come relax and unwind for a Sleepy Sound Bowl Sunday Session in the Salt Room. Enjoy the purifying effects and medicinal benefits of beathing salt-infused air embraced by healing vibrations of live sound bowls to rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit.

led by Meg Blohm | weekly

weekly Sundays at 10 AM

Chakra Yoga

This yoga class will focus on grounding asanas in a nourishing slow flow. As we move through each chakra in this series, out peak poses will be related to the essence of that chakra, each flow leading up to an asana that creates more spaciousness in the body to encourage a healthy flow from one chakra to the next. Expect a focus on the general area of the chakra series monthly feature.

led by Morgan Ashley | 200 RYT

monthly Sundays at 9 AM

(see calendar for exact dates)

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prenatal salt therapy yoga

Prenatal Yoga

A restorative and body opening yoga flow designed for all trimesters of pregnancy.Prenatal yoga is one of the best modes of movement for relieving common pregnancy aches and pains, preparing for birth, and restoring your mind to a grounded, peaceful space.


Jules is a full-spectrum, holistic doula that specializes in home births and truly holistic care throughout pregnancy and postpartum. check out her site:

led by Jules Alma | 200 RYT

monthly (see calendar for exact dates)

postpartum yoga

Pregnancy and childbirth is a completely transformative experience, requiring us to rebuild ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally from the inside out. This monthly core & restore series is specifically designed for postpartum mamas to reconnect to your core and pelvic floor post childbirth. This class is diastasis friendly and appropriate for anyone up to two years postpartum. 

led by Ciara Bartholomew | 200 RYT

monthly (see calendar for exact dates)

ciara bartholomew salty yoga.jpeg
yin yoga setup sunset salt therapy.png

Restorative Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a beginner-friendly practice where we hold supported and propped poses for longer periods of time to target the deep tissues in our body.You simply bring  yourself and we will supply the mats, bolsters, blankets, and blocks. The practice is intended to target our deeper tissues; joints, ligaments and fascia.

Amanda takes pride in teaching a Yin Yoga class that welcomes everyone, regardless of their prior yoga experience. Amanda firmly believes that time on the mat serves as a practice for all facets of life.

led by Amanda Hudson | 200 RYT

monthly (see calendar for exact dates)

DO THESE TIMES WORK FOR YOU? please fill out our yoga feedback form with times and days that work best for your schedule. Our priority is to cater to our community's needs by offering extracurricular salt therapy sessions at the most suitable times for our valued guests. Your input is invaluable in ensuring we create the ideal schedule that accommodates everyone.

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