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Harmonizing Energies: Moon Meditation at the Austin Salt Room

Step into the tranquil sanctuary of the Austin Salt Room and immerse yourself in an experience that merges celestial guidance with the holistic healing of salt therapy. Our Moon Meditation sessions are more than just a peaceful gathering; they're an exploration of the energies of the lunar cycle.

Aligning with Lunar Influence

At our Moon Meditations, we delve into the influence of the lunar cycle, specifically tailored to the energies of the full moon such as manifestation. It's a chance to sync your intentions with the moon's phases, amplifying the potential for manifestation and personal growth. As the full moon graces the sky, join us to harness its energies and set intentions that resonate deeply within.

Holistic Healing in Salt Sanctuary

Picture this: guided meditation combined with the therapeutic benefits of salt therapy. The Salt Room offers an environment that nurtures relaxation, clarity, and respiratory wellness. The healing properties of salt therapy complement the meditation, creating a holistic experience that rejuvenates both body and mind.

Astrological Insights and Personal Growth

Beyond the tranquil setting, our Moon Meditation sessions provide insights into astrological events. Learn how celestial energies influence our lives and how to harness them for personal growth and intention-setting. This knowledge empowers you to understand and leverage the energies at play during the full moon.

Community and Collective Empowerment

Joining our Moon Meditations means becoming part of a community committed to self-discovery and empowerment. The collective energy cultivated during these sessions magnifies the potential for transformation. Sharing this journey with like-minded individuals enhances the experience, fostering a sense of unity and support.

What to Expect

For our guided moon meditations, we ask that you book in advance so we can set the room accordingly. Space is limited, so please let us know if you plan to make any changes to your reservation. Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early in order to secure parking and get settled. Parking is available anywhere behind the Austin Salt Room, just pull into the back! Once arrived, stow your shoes away and head into the salt sanctuary where Meg has setup an altar which will set the mood for the upcoming moon meditation including tarot and oracle cards for your choosing. Meg will then lead into a meditation that's tailored to the astrological energies of the current moon phase and cycle. Just bring yourself and prepare to be relaxed!

Meditation with Meg

Meg is a local sound healer who has been guiding meditation for over 10 years. Meg seeks to empower individuals to unlock their full potential for self-healing and personal growth. Meg has experience guiding large group meditations, sound baths, intuitive readings, She specializes in cacao ceremony as well! All her meditations at the Austin Salt Room include optional ceremonial cacao prepared by Meg and, if purchased, the cacao is incorporated into the meditation  (available for $6 by venmo or cash). We are so lucky to have her on our team as our primary meditation facilitator. Check her out on Instagram or her website:

Ready to Experience the Moon's Influence?

Join us at the Austin Salt Room for an evening of celestial connection and holistic healing. Reserve your spot and step into a transformative journey guided by the moon's luminous energy and the healing embrace of salt therapy.

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